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window scene - (included as part of Claudia Molitor's Hausmusik Kollektiv project)

[at home, in a quiet space, choose a closed window to look through, staying far enough away from it so that the window's edges frame the scene, so there is a frame within your field of vision



as you look through the window, make an attempt to imagine and listen to all the sounds within the frame



imagine single sounds



imagine close sounds - imagine distant sounds



imagine sounds that are not from visible sources



make an attempt to imagine the sounds that may lie outside of the frame - imagine the sounds that lie on/beyond the horizon that you may see



try to imagine the collection of sounds that make up the soundscape



for any duration]







(change the experience by changing your viewing angle)



(try with different windows)



(open the window and compare your imagined sounds with the sounds from outside)]






Oliver Ginger


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